Naperville Celebrates Holi-The Festival of Colors

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It’s a cool spring afternoon as community members from all around gathered at the Riverwalk’s Grand Pavilion to celebrate the Indian color throwing festival known as Holi.

What is Holi?

“So Holi depending on what part of different parts of India you come from it can be a love situation with the Holy Krishna. It can be an Americanized event with color just giving you a beautiful spring and all of it is just love. So come out, enjoy love and enjoy each other,” said Holi participant Trisha Bakosh.

This year marks the 12th time that Simply Vedic has hosted their annual Holi festival with people of all ages having a good time.

Why celebrate?

“It’s such a beautiful experience to have everyone come together through movement and festivals. This festival experience that raises everyone’s energy and like you’re connecting solely on just movement and being in proximity to happy people,” said Brad Zeman, Holi participant.

The festival offers people the chance to meet new people and connect with their community. It also gives parents a chance to spend time with their kids.

“It’s awesome, it’s awesome to like make a mess. To run around and have fun and not have to clean it up. Like there’s something pretty magical about that,” stated Katie Hughes, Holi participant.

After an afternoon filled with dancing, singing, and colorful humans. It’s safe to say that everyone left with a big smile on their face.

Naperville News 17’s Anthony Yench Reports

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