Naperville Central honors U.S. Military veterans, featuring Redhawk alum Dr. Sudip Bose

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A former Army combat surgeon returned to his alma mater, Naperville Central High School, on Thursday, to speak with current students as part of the school’s annual Veterans Day Assembly.

Dr. Sudip Bose returns to Naperville Central High School

Dr. Sudip Bose was a. U.S. Army major, and served as an Army Battalion surgeon, treating those with war wounds in Iraq. He was an emergency physician during his 12 years of service, noted for treating former Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein in 2003 after the dictator was captured by U.S. forces.

Bose credits both his parents and the city of Naperville for inspiring his military service.

“When I was a student here, the military wasn’t even on my radar. My parents immigrated here from Calcutta, India, in the 1960s, and I heard these amazing stories about how well they were treated when they came here and then living the American dream in Naperville, and it motivated me to pay it forward and serve our nation,” said Dr.Bose.

Dr. Sudip Bose’s dedication to military service

Dr.Bose has been awarded multiple accolades, including the Combat Medical Badge, the U.S. Army Commendation Medal, the Bronze Star Medal, and the CNN Hero award.
But it’s not the individual honors that flatter Bose as much as the fact that his fellow soldiers deem him worthy of the recognition.

“What struck me is in the horrors of war, there is this spirit, this human spirit that comes out, and being able to just see our soldiers rise to the occasion and be able to help and be a part of that was a great experience,” said Dr.Bose.

Dr.Bose joined the frontlines with his fellow soldiers, utilizing his medical background from Northwestern University and experience as an emergency medicine physician to serve others in need.

“Just the ability to be able to help the soldiers and make a bigger impact, and both of those drove my passion for joining the United States military,” said Dr. Bose.

Dr. Bose’s nonprofit helping injured veterans

Now a veteran, Bose’s military days are behind him, yet he’s still in service. Bose is the founder of The Battle Continues, a nonprofit organization that assists injured veterans. According to Bose, 100% of the donations received go directly towards helping veterans in need due to physical or mental ailments.

“There’s great improvements that need to be made in veteran health care and health care in general in the United States. So trying to do our small part, helping who we can,” said Dr.Bose.

Dr. Bose credits his upbringing in the Naperville community and education through the Naperville school district for his success today, emphasizing that lessons he’s learned in the classroom served him on both the battlefield and in the emergency room.

“What you learn here will shape your future however you serve because everybody serves in some uniform. You may not be a military uniform, but everybody serves,” said Dr.Bose.

Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sudip Bose

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