Naperville Crossings Lots Rezoned to Residential

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More residential development could be coming to south Naperville.

At the latest Naperville City Council meeting, the dais voted unanimously to approve the rezoning of 5.3 acres of land in the Naperville Crossings development from commercial to medium-density residential.

The property sits north of Anna Marie Lane and west of Showplace Drive, behind the strip mall on Route 59.

That setback and lack of street visibility is part of the reason the property owned by First National Bank of Brookfield has sat vacant as commercial land for 15 years.

“Yes, there have been highs and lows over the last 15 years in our real estate market, but the last eight or nine years have been very good and even in that market we’re still unable to lure a retail developer to this property,” said Vince Rosanova, the attorney representing First National Bank of Brookfield.

Five south Naperville residents spoke against the zoning change, citing traffic concerns and overcrowding in District 204 schools.

“We are also experiencing a lot of congestion with these large subdivisions going up and we are nowhere near finished building,” said south Naperville resident Julie Berkowicz. “And with the new subdivision just north of the Zion church, all of these things add up.”

But council argued that commercial developments create traffic as well. And the 204 crowding is more of a concern further north.

“If you have commercial, they too will produce traffic. Stores produce plenty of traffic,” said Councilwoman Judy Brodhead. “They too will need emergency services just as houses will. So if we want that to develop, whatever uses appear there will need the services that the city provides.”

Council hopes this change will improve business for the already existing shops in the area and lure development for the other vacant commercial lots.

The zoning change comes during a time when other south Naperville locations are also being tapped for residential development. That includes Wagner Farm and the Polo Club location on 119th Street.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.