Naperville Fire Department responds to an apartment building fire

Naperville Fire Department responds to apartment building fire.
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A fire at a seven-story residential building in Naperville left one unit uninhabitable and caused an estimated $25,000 in damages.

Fire on the sixth floor of the building

The Naperville Fire Department arrived at the scene of a fire at the apartment building in the 700 Block of Royal St. George Drive on Friday to find smoke showing from the sixth floor.

The fire department pulled up at 4:24 p.m. with three engines, two ladder trucks, one heavy rescue squad, two medical units and two battalion commander units.  The crews confirmed the fire coming from a sixth-floor kitchen. Battalion commanders upgraded the fire to a box alarm level, bringing additional companies to the scene.

All residents exit safely

Firefighters brought the fire under control within 20 minutes. Crews confirmed that the three occupants of the apartment which had caught fire had made it out safely and pulled the fire alarm as they exited the building to alert other residents.

Fire crews remained at the scene for 60 minutes to look for additional potential fire threats and to assist the residents.  

Cause of Fire

Fire officials said the cause of the fire was cooking materials on the stove, which spread to other areas of the kitchen. 

One patient was evaluated by the Naperville Fire Department and released, and there were no injuries to firefighters. The fire unit was deemed uninhabitable; however, the rest of the complex was able to be reoccupied. 

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