Naperville Help Center launching March 4 will help public connect with elected officials

Naperville City Council members seated at the dais
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Residents will soon be able to more easily connect with Naperville’s elected officials, thanks to the creation of the Naperville Help Center.

Naperville Help Center one-stop-shop to reach elected officials

The center will offer a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in reaching out to Naperville Mayor Scott Wehrli or any of the Naperville City Council members. According to a news release, it will provide “a more efficient and organized way to submit requests, questions, and feedback.”

Currently, residents can directly reach out to the city’s elected officials through their emails. Under the new help center system, all contact will be done through a special link on the city’s website, starting with its launch on March 4.

From that point on, residents can go to the city’s website, then click on the Naperville Help Center prompt in the upper left corner of the home page. From there, users will be directed to create their submission, and select whom it should be sent to, whether one or more people.

Streamlining process creates efficiency, easier tracking

Users are encouraged to create an account either before or after they send their submission to help better track the status of the inquiry, and to enable them to converse through the system.

Once a submission is sent, users will receive a confirmation both on screen and via email.

With this streamlining of the process, the city hopes to see faster response times, more transparency in communication to and from the city, enhanced security, and better tracking of each inquiry.

The city has created a help guide to help walk users through the new process.

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