Naperville Junior Woman’s Club and Safety Town hosts Halloween Trick-or-Treat event

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The annual Safety Town trick-or-treat event returns as they partner with the Naperville Junior Woman’s Club.

Safety Town keeping kids safe for spooky season

“We are here at Naperville Safety Town directly on the police and fire campus, and we are hosting our annual trick-or-treat event,” said Safety Town Liaison and Naperville Woman’s Junior Club member Jackie White.

Safety Town trick-or-treating is a family-friendly event that teaches the importance of Halloween trick-or-treating safety and a chance to show off their Halloween costumes.

“This is a safe trick-or-treating event for the kiddos, primarily 12 and under. Nothing spooky is here today. This is all about safety and learning how to trick-or-treat safely and create space for the members of our community to have a real, meaningful relationship with not only our police and fire campus, but we want people to get to know this incredible place called Safety Town.”

Safety Town and Naperville Junior Woman’s Club makes Halloween fun for families

Vendors from the Naperville area passed out candy to the trick-or-treaters, including the chance to win fun prizes.

“There’s all sorts of good stuff happening today, including some education about how to trick-or-treat safely. We have a lot of vendors that really specifically provide services for families with little ones, whether that be sporting groups, dance clubs, activities that get us physically fit and moving our bodies, but also things like learning different languages and child care options.”

“There’s a little bit of something here for everyone, and being able to do this full circle and now help fundraise to keep the lights on. So yet another generation and a generation after this can still be part of the legacy of Safety Town and really the legacy of community.”

The event included food donations that will go to Naperville non-profit Loaves & Fishes Community Services. The proceeds raised from tickets sold for the spooky season event go back towards funding Safety Town.

“We want families to feel comfortable coming to the police and fire campus to participate and really enjoy some of the beauty of what this community has had for well over 40 years.”

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