Naperville North Automotive Revs Up With Second Auto Show

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On May 13, the Naperville North High School automotive program started its engines for an exciting event.

“We have our auto show today. We’ve been planning this all year and did not expect it to get this big,” said Naperville North Automotive student Jake Gunther. “Last couple of weeks we’ve been having a lot of people enter their cars and I think we are up to like 150 cars today.”

What Was Featured?

Many car brands were on display, both new and old.

“We have Hamilton collection this year, we have a Mustang club, Corvette club, and it’s just, they all told their friends and their friends told their other friends and that’s how we got all these people here today,” said Jake.

Involved From The Start

Jake and his twin brother Josh got to witness the school’s inaugural car show during their first year as students. The two were excited to see the event’s growth.

“Freshman year we had our first auto show here and it was a small auto show, but it was still a good time. And then obviously we had, sophomore year we had COVID, and last year. So kicking off or sending off our senior year with this big auto show is, it’s really impressive and just overall, and it’s awesome,” said Naperville Automotive student Josh Gunther.

“It’s senior year now for a lot of us that were in the auto show in freshman year and we all missed it And we wanted to go out with a bang this year, so Will Feidler and I decided to bring up the idea to Mr. Ditch and Mr. Ditch was like, ‘let’s go for it,'” said Jake.

Jake and Josh Gunther are just two of the many auto students who have been interested in learning this industry even before stepping into the halls of Naperville North.

“We’ve always liked being around cars and working on cars. So to be here, we’re helping all these guys with this show it just, it means a lot, yeah,” said Josh.

“It’s amazing to see everybody come out together and you know, go to the taco truck, just enjoy looking at old cars and new cars and unique projects that the high schoolers have,” said Jake.

Bright Future

If the turnout for this show is any indicator, the program has a bright future ahead.

“I have high expectations for what the auto program is gonna have for the next year, or the next coming years,” said Josh.

Naperville News 17 Patrick Codo Reports

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