Naperville North teacher named Chicago Bears Classroom Legend

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“I’m very excited to congratulate Brian Peterson as this month’s classroom legend,” said Dominic Hillesheim, partnership activation specialist for the Chicago Bears.

Chicago Bears Classroom Legend

Representatives of the Chicago Bears made a surprise visit to Naperville North High School on Friday afternoon to name Brian Peterson as April’s Chicago Bears Classroom Legend recipient.

The award is presented to two teachers in the Chicagoland area each month that go above and beyond for their students. Peterson is a special education teacher and a defensive line coach for the football team, making him the perfect fit for this award.

“He’s the type of guy that will do whatever you ask whenever you ask it. He wears his heart on his sleeves. So I think not only is he great to his coworkers and to our football staff, but he’s great to the students. He would do anything for students. He’d do anything for Naperville and especially Naperville North,” said Sean Drendel, head football coach at Naperville North.

How Peterson got nominated

Peterson was nominated by his wife and got the surprise recognition at the start of a faculty get-together.

“Huge Bears fan all my life going on 30 plus years of being a Bears fan. We have season tickets and always have been a huge fan. And then to have the honor of them coming in and recognizing me for what I do, my day-to-day job, it’s an outstanding opportunity that I’m happy to be a part of and being recognized for,” said Peterson.

A special moment for Peterson

Team mascot Staley Da Bear and Chicago Bears offensive guard, Ja’Tyre Carter, presented Peterson with tickets to training camp, a customized football and jersey, and $1,000 for classroom supplies.

“It’s awesome. We just welcomed my son into the world in January. So to have him, my wife being able to take a picture and be a part of this, it was great to be able to have that experience with him and her. And now it’s something that we can always go back to for the rest of our lives,” said Peterson.

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