Naperville Park District Sets Up Dandelion Fountain Holiday Tree

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The Dandelion Fountain tree stands over 20 feet tall at the Naperville Riverwalk’s Civic Plaza to welcome everyone to the holiday season. 

Naperville Park Specialist for the Riverwalk Division Mike DiCristina and five people from the Naperville Park District installed the Dandelion Fountain artificial holiday tree on Tuesday.

Dandelion Fountain Tree Installation

“We’re down here in section five on the Riverwalk,” said DiCristina. “We set up the Christmas tree this morning. Takes about three hours, starting at nine, and wrapped around noon.

The six-person staff made sure the tree was properly installed, as they built a deck to provide a solid base for the decoration. 

“It’s anchored to the decking that we built the day before, and it’s also secured with two hooks on each section of the fence or fountain,” said DiCristina.

Light it Up!

The Dandelion Fountain tree will stay up on the Riverwalk until right after the new year. And starting this weekend, the public will get to enjoy the tree’s lights at dusk.

“So we set the tree,” said DiCristina. “There’s a metal stand that has the greens that go on it. We have to get it all out of storage and then come down here and put all the pieces together, turn it on and run electric. As soon as we set the timers and hook it to electricity, they’ll have the event Friday night to turn on the tree and all the lights for the city. And that’s that.”

Naperville News 17’s Will Payne reports.

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