Naperville Park District’s New Executive Director

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“I just fell in love with the industry and was very fortunate to have interned with the Naperville Park District, and have been able to stay with the organization for over 20 years,” said Brad Wilson. “And certainly I’m excited to take on this new role.”

New Park District Leader

In a full circle moment, Brad Wilson is now the new leader of the Naperville Park District. The former director of recreation and facilities took on the role at the beginning of this month from Ray McGury, who served as executive director for 13 years.

“Learning from him and being able to work with him right up to the transition to this new role, really allowed it to be a seamless transition where again, with the history of the district and just as the operations as we have it, we were able to continue moving forward and doing great things for the community,” said Wilson.

One way of doing that is through the community interest survey, which Wilson helped spearhead. It is conducted every three to five years, and the park district will be sending one out for 2022. “And ultimately then that is going to drive the overall vision as far as what the park district looks like over the next few years with the initiatives and projects that we look to do,” said Wilson.

Collaborating With Others

Wilson said his favorite part about the job is collaborating with different departments and staff, as well as the park district board. “That has been really rewarding to work with them on a number of projects and initiatives over the years,” said Wilson. “And I look forward to working with them as we move forward.”

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.