Naperville Police Department’s tips for college safety

College safety advertisement from the police department
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The Naperville Police Department recently held a presentation at the 95th Street Library to give safety tips to incoming college students and their parents.

 The presentation on how to be safe on campus was led by Mike Garofalo and Jim Pacetti, crime prevention specialists at the Naperville Police Department.

 Illegal actions commonly seen at colleges 

 During the presentation, Garofalo mentioned the most common ways students get in trouble while away at college. Those are: 

  •  Alcohol offenses
  • Drug offenses
  • Fighting
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual assault

 “You have to think of the consequences, and that’s why we say pre-event thought process. What am I getting myself into? What is this night or day to look like? If I go to this party here, what is it going to look like? Remember, you have to answer to this when you’re in college; keep yourself calm and take ownership of what you do,” said Garofalo.

 How to be safe on campus

 Pacetti offered those in attendance some tips on how to be safe while away at college. Those include:

  • Situational awareness
  • Trust your gut
  • Know your campus and its services 
  • Don’t look vulnerable or unorganized
  • Lock your door

 “Take advantage of the resources that you have at the school, the resources that they’re giving, and you have to pay attention; you’ve got to have your head up,” said Pacetti.

 “College is a learning experience”

 The speakers finished their presentation with a piece of advice. 

 “Have fun. College is a learning experience, college is a growing experience. Go have some fun. But do you need the alcohol, the drugs, all that other stuff, if you do, you may want to rethink what fun is. Get a good education you’re spending a lot of money to go to school,” said Pacetti.

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