Naperville Police Foundation’s Inaugural Snow Cone Social

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The Naperville Police Foundation hosted its inaugural Snow Cone Social on Wednesday.

“So today what we have is an event sponsored by the Naperville Police Foundation. We’re calling it a snow cone social. Just really an event with the police department and the foundation to connect with the community” said Naperville Police Chief Jason Arres.

Why is the social so important?

“You know, community engagement has been one of my top priorities since I took the job as chief. I think it’s really important to be out here talking to people that live in the neighborhoods,” said Arres. “What’s going good? What could we do better? And then add in some fun to it. So, great event put on by the foundation, I’m so happy we’re already starting with a good turnout tonight.”

Food at the event

Not only did community members have a chance to interact with the Naperville Police Department, but they also got to enjoy some free food.

“So, I think this is the coolest thing. So, the foundation, you know, sponsored Sno Problems coming out here with their shaved ice. But when this, when the, we reached out to the owner of the of the strip mall here to ask for some area to put this. And the businesses in the area were so happy that we were coming down here to do this,” said Arres.

So happy, that they decided to pitch in for the cause.

“We have so far Little Italian has donated pizza. We have tacos. We’ll have some Mediterranean food, all donated from the businesses in here, which I mean, this is what community is about. Everybody coming together to interact, get along, have some fun while we’re at it,” said Arres.

Naperville News 17’s Anthony Yench reports

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