Naperville police push sober driving campaign for a safe Halloween

Naperville police squad car with door open and lights on
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The Naperville Police Department is joining other police departments across the state for a stepped up enforcement campaign urging drivers not to drive impaired this Halloween season, and keep the scares off the road.

Plan a safe ride home prior to your party

With Halloween parties ahead, and kids gearing up for trick-or-treating, police hope the public will act responsibly and show extra caution.

“If you’re heading out to a Halloween party, make sure to decide how you’ll get home before the party starts,” said Sgt. Derek Zook in an NPD news release. “Just one drink or hit can impact your ability to drive safely and make responsible decisions. Planning ahead will help keep you – and others – safe.”

Police advise making sure to have a designated driver for any events in which participants may be drinking or using marijuana or any other type of impairing substance.

That could be a sober friend, a ride-sharing service, a cab, or some form of public transportation.

Walking while impaired also comes with some risks. If you do plan to leave a party while still impaired, police suggest you have someone sober walk you home.

Helping others stay safe this Halloween

If you spot an impaired driver on the road, let local law enforcement know, when it is safe to do so.

Police say if you are out on the town or at a party, and you notice someone who is impaired trying to head out and drive, take their keys away, and find them a safe way home.

Statewide safe driving campaign by police

Officials say to remember that DUIs may be given not just for alcohol intake, but also to those who are impaired from marijuana or other substances.

The statewide campaign to step up enforcement over the next couple weeks is funded through the Illinois Department of Transportation.

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