Naperville Police Share Holiday Safety Reminders

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The holidays are fast approaching, and though safety may not be at the top of your Christmas checklist, Naperville Police Chief Jason Arres says it should be added in.

“There’s a lot of things to be aware of besides just getting ready for the holidays, but I think with the proper planning, discussion, you can make yourself have a great, safe and happy holiday,” said Arres.

Protect Your Purchases

That discussion starts with being smart about your shopping. Tis the season for packages, which can be a tempting target for criminals.

“Have your packages delivered when you’re going to be there. Many of these companies allow you to schedule delivery times. Take advantage of that. If you know you’re going to be home, that’s when you should have the packages coming.”

Or shoppers can choose to pick up online purchases at an offsite facility.

If you’re out and about doing your gift gathering, hide those purchases away as you make your different stops

“You make yourself a very easy target if your presents are out in the open. So take that extra second – put those presents in the trunk of your vehicle,” Arres said.

Tips If Traveling

If you’re heading out on a holiday trip, don’t broadcast it on social media. And take the smart steps before you leave to make your home less of a target.

“Put your house lights on timers. Let your neighbors know that you’re going to be gone and you’re not expecting anyone to be at your house. If you have that trusted neighbor, ask them to go to your house, open the garage door, shut the garage door, turn different lights on,” Arres said. “Put your mail on a mail hold so those things don’t pile up outside your house where it really becomes obvious that well, someone hasn’t been here in a while.”

If traveling during snowy or icy weather, allow more time to get there, slow down, and drive carefully.

Celebrate Safely

And if your destination is a party, make responsible choices if drinking is part of your plan.

“Enjoy those holiday parties. Have fun with your friends, your families, your loved ones. But find a designated driver. Or take advantage of any one of the number of driving services that are available throughout the city,” Arres said.

Some simple steps take, to make the holiday season that much brighter.

Naperville News 17’s Kim Pirc reports.

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