Naperville Sends Supplies To Ukraine

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“The City of Naperville has donated an ambulance to Ukraine. So today is the launching day where it begins its journey to Ukraine. So many people have been helping out to get this to occur. Council leader Patty Gustin, as well as the Sister Cities Commission and Rotary Clubs in Naperville,” said Pat Merryweather-Arges, Foundation Coordinator for Rotary International.

The ambulance, loaded with medical supplies, began its journey at the Naperville Public Works building. It will eventually land in Baltimore Maryland, where it will then be shipped overseas to make its way to Ukraine. The initiative was launched in part due to the proximity of Nitra, Slovakia, one of Naperville’s sister cities, to Ukraine. The Sister Cities Commission teamed up with other organizations in the area to launch a donation drive for medical supplies to help those impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Supplies Donated So Far

“Rotary has been instrumental. We’ve collected over $15 million just for relief aid to Ukraine, but we’ve sent so much more in terms of partnering with organizations,” said Merryweather-Arges.

“Whenever physicians go over or nurses go over to Ukraine or even to Poland to help out, we send suitcases with them. And there was one physician that took 95 suitcases filled with tourniquets, blood clotting gauze, antibiotics, different medications, slings, you name it. It’s any way we can get things to Ukraine as quickly as possible is what we’re doing,” said Merryweather-Arges.

How To help

Residents and community members can also donate to help the cause.

“The Sister Cities Commission is collecting goods and supplies. Rotaries are collecting goods and supplies. We have it in a warehouse in Aurora. And for medical supplies and equipment we’re always in need so they can contact the Rotary Club of Naperville and we’d be happy to pick up and work with them on the medical supplies,” said Merryweather-Arges.

Naperville News 17’s Anthony Yench reports.

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