Naperville teacher receives Chicago Bears Classroom Legends Award

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Representatives from the Chicago Bears were at Elmwood Elementary School on Wednesday morning to award a second grade teacher with the Chicago Bears Classroom Legends Award.

The Chicago Bears Classroom Legends Award

Krissy Vitello, a former Elmwood student and now teacher, was selected as a recipient of the Chicago Bears Classroom Legends Award. The program highlights educators from the Chicagoland area who go above and beyond for their students. Vitello was nominated by the parents of one of her second graders.

Since she began teaching at Elmwood, Vitello has brought an infectious enthusiasm to all that she does.

“When I’m in her classroom, it’s just like a beehive of energy in there,” said Elmwood Elementary School Principal, Matt Langes. “She is a big believer in having kids take a lot of the self-direction in their learning as well as having them work together.”

An unexpected visit for Vitello and the second graders at Elmwood

The award presentation was a surprise to both Vitello and the entire second-grade class. They were told a couple of weeks ago they’d be meeting for a quick, informal assembly about their upcoming trip to Naper Settlement.

“Then as it was getting closer, I had asked Mr. Langes, I was like, ‘What are we talking about? What do we have to review that we’ve never done before?’,” said Vitello. “So I was a little suspicious of like, ‘what could this be?’ But certainly nothing like this. I did not think the Chicago Bears would be coming to school today.”

Vitello and the kids were welcomed by members of the Chicago Bears organization, including Wendell Davis, a former wide receiver in the 1990s.

The Bears granted Vitello a trip to Hallas Hall, a custom jersey, and a custom football. To top it off, she was given a $1,000 check to help pay for classroom supplies.

“Never gotten a giant check before, so that was really exciting, and yeah, that makes a huge difference,” said Vitello. “So I definitely am excited to look at what needs we have in our classroom that can make a difference.”

Life comes full circle for Vitello

Since roaming the halls as a student at Elmwood, Vitello has always imagined herself working at the school.

“I had a second-grade teacher and it was Mrs. Toth here at Elmwood, and I came home from school one day in second grade and I was like, Mom, I’m going to be a second-grade teacher at Elmwood…And so every day it’s just been like really living my dream since I was seven,” said Vitello.

Little did she know that dream would also bring this special day of being named one of the Chicago Bears Classroom Legends.

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