Naperville’s KidsMatter Hosts 2022 Volunteer Fair

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KidsMatter, hosted its yearly volunteer fair on Monday, October 17, at the Fort Hill Activity Center.

“So, we have about 33 organizations here from various areas of the community and the area looking for volunteers. I know a lot of people during COVID stayed home and volunteer opportunities weren’t available and now organizations are looking for volunteers to come back,” said KidsMatter CEO and Executive Director Nina Menis.

This year saw the most groups ever signing up for the event to showcase their volunteer opportunities. The fair helped make connections between the groups and those looking to help.

“It’s a great opportunity to meet a lot of different folks from a variety of different organizations,” said Menis.

Opportunities for Kids and Adults

Volunteer slots were available for adults, teens, and even kids. KidsMatter is a not-for-profit whose mission is to lift kids up and offer positive opportunities.

“We hope to help young people build resilient kids that say no to choices and yes to endless possibilities, and one of the great opportunities is to volunteer. So, we hope young people have an opportunity to find a great volunteer opportunity tonight,” said Menis.

Menis said the act of volunteering itself is a win-win both for the individual, and the group being helped.

“Volunteering is really a wonderful way to give back to the community but it’s also great for yourself. Volunteering makes you healthier, happier, and so we hope people have an opportunity to find a good match tonight at the volunteer fair,”

KidsMatter has a volunteer guide on its website for anyone who may have missed the fair but would like to find a volunteer opportunity.

Naperville News 17 Patrick Reports.