Naperville’s Labor Day Celebrations

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The Naperville Jaycees’ Last Fling had the fun for the final celebration of Labor Day weekend.

First to dash into the morning were runners in the Fling Mile and Rooster 5K at Naperville Central High School.

“I just like coming back every year, running the Fling Mile Labor Day weekend,” said Garen, who ran the Fling Mile. “Overall it was a great experience, I didn’t really come prepared though, so I’m a little winded after.”

“We just like doing races and with us being so close to Naperville we wanted to jump in and get a race in in the morning,” said Tom, who ran the Rooster 5K.

“The path was really cool, it was really fun going through Downtown Naperville,” said Amelia, who ran the Rooster 5K with her dad Tom.

And through Downtown Naperville the Labor Day Parade marched.

Many were excited to spot family who were in the parade.

“Because we wanted to see our sister dance in the parade,” said Gabe, a parade goer.

“I wanted to celebrate Labor Day with my family and have a good time,” said Dominick, another parade goer.

Sending off the Labor Day weekend and last of the Fling with fun for the whole family.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.