Naperville’s Matt Doyle Receives The Branch Kindness Award

Graphic from The Branch Moms Community shows Matt Doyle.
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The Branch Moms Community recently announced that Matt Doyle is the recipient of their first ever The Branch Kindness Award.

“We’re always looking for stories or people, to highlight the kindness, the compassion, the love they share, and the support they share, because that’s what running the moms community is all about,” said The Branch owner, Dr. Cathy Subber.

The “Year Of Kindness”

The Branch says that 2023 will be the “Year of Kindness.” They will look to spotlight individuals who go above and beyond to make other people’s lives better in the community. Doyle, the recipient of The Branch Kindness Award, is the man in charge of bringing Santa Claus to Naperville neighborhoods. 

“It’s an honor to be recognized amongst the fellow do-gooders in the community,” said Team Doyle Hulsey CrossCountry Mortgage, Branch Manager, Matt Doyle. “The Branch Moms Community means a lot because they’re representing a lot of mothers and that obviously means kids and those are the kids we are trying to spread joy to, as well as the parents. It’s really special to get this from The Branch Moms Community.”

Why Doyle Won The Branch Kindness Award

Doyle works with Santa for 12 nights in a row, visiting neighborhoods all across town. They travel about 15-20 miles per night, riding along in a decked-out Christmas trailer that is pulled by a truck. Guest appearances from local Naperville celebrities help raise thousands of dollars for local nonprofit organizations.

Picture from Dr. Cathy Subber. Shows Dr. Cathy with Santa and another person during a night of driving in Naperville.

On some nights, it might be cold, rainy, or both, but seeing the smiles on people’s faces is worth it.

“This is the second year I’ve driven (With Loaves & Fishes) for Santa and the experience is just so awesome,” said Dr. Cathy. “What Matt does for 12 nights in a row, in the cold, taking up all his time and even putting resources in it from his business. I just thought it was really incredible and something to be celebrated.” 

Picture from Dr. Cathy Subber. Shows Dr. Cathy with Santa.

How 12 Nights Of Santa Claus Started

Doyle and his business partner, Scott Hulsey of Team Doyle Hulsey, fully fund the event each year. The spark behind the idea of a traveling St. Nick came when there was no other option to see Santa in person.

“It all started in 2020, during the Pandemic. I had a float in the St. Patrick’s Day parade (before), and my sister said, ‘hey they’re not gonna have Santa, there’s no mall Santa, there are no parades, there’s nothing like that going on, why don’t you use the St. Patricks Day float and repurpose it.’”

If anyone has a business or organization that they think should be recognized, you can reach out to The Branch for a nomination.

“I’ve known Matt threw the community for years, and I just think when you talk to him and when you feel his energy, he’s always there to help. He’s always there hoping to do good for someone else and to give back. I love knowing people that have a heart of service as he does.”

Naperville News 17’s Joe Kennedy reports.