New Math Connections Exhibit at Naperville’s DuPage Children’s Museum

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A new exhibit with lots of pluses has opened at the DuPage Children’s Museum in Naperville. Math Connections offers a fun way for kids to practice some of the building blocks of math. It’s a good opportunity kids to get big ideas on early learning math.

“Math has been an important part of our mission from the very beginning as the integration of our math and science. So those early opportunities for children to be exposed to math help so many ways as they grow.” So we look at things like sorting, patterns, but it’s all done through big gross motor movements,” said DuPage Children’s Museum’s Chief of Building and Making Kim Stull.

Math and Fun

Kids are introduced to math concepts through color play, a giant domino set, a crawl though kaleidoscope, a jumping mat to measure how far they jump and a little builder’s dream: an area full of Legos.

“We want our kids to be comfortable with math so when they are in school and they’re dealing with all the big math concepts that they need teachers’ help with, they’re already starting off with a good positive thought about it,” said Stull.

That includes learning about things like place value, fractions, or even just what numbers are.

So far so good

The exhibit opened on Saturday January 21, and Stull says it’s proven to be a hit.

“The kids love to come in and find something new. They come in and expect to see what they saw before and then suddenly there’s something new, so they love that. I think the idea of being able to climb up onto triangles hexagons and seeing how that feels and then jump a little bit, every part of it has been well loved so far,” said Stull.

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