New Naperville Businesses in 2019

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Naperville continues to grow in 2019, as new businesses, restaurants, and experiences are popping up all over town.

In the retail department, Filson will bring options for guys and SoHo Boutique for the girls.

As for tasty treats, Molly’s Cupcakes will be opening on Jefferson Avenue soon.

Or if you’re in for some fun, Virtual Reality 360 is coming to River Square along with restaurant Shakou. But for all of these new businesses to stay, they’ll need your support.

“It’s always a good reminder to put your money where your heart is, both figuratively and literally,” said Executive Director of the Downtown Naperville Alliance Katie Wood. “If you love a business, support that business. That will keep it here. So the lore to shop online or to choose outlet brands or things like that is real, but let’s keep our downtown as vibrant as it is today.”

Outside of downtown you’ll get shopping, dining, and business all in one spot. The Mall of India is expected to open up in July on Route 59, in a building that stood vacant for five years. Construction on the mall has already begun.

“The Mall of India is going to be opening up in the former Walmart space. That’s over 100,000 square feet, and we’re very excited because it will have all kinds of amenities and shops inside that building,” explained Christine Jeffries, the president of the Naperville Development Partnership.

Heading north on Rt. 59, there’s new entertainment in store. Whirlyball will be bringing their game near City Gate center and Top Golf this year, and Urban Air Trampoline Park will be opening up in the former Baby’s R Us building alongside Marshalls.

Another unique addition to Naperville that’s already open at Main Street Promenade is Codeverse, an interactive coding studio for kids.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.