New Naperville Choir NaperVoice To Hold Inaugural Concert

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“Gather In Gratitude” is the theme of the inaugural concert for NaperVoice, a new choir in Naperville. NaperVoice began in 2021 and is now ready for its debut on Sunday, November 20 at Grace United Methodist Church. The group hopes to live its mission: to sing well and do good.

NaperVoice’s Mission

“In the very narrowest in terms that means they’re going to sing with excellence, to the best of their ability,” said NaperVoice founding conductor Phil Spencer. “We’re all going to work to the highest of our abilities and we’re going to do good by donating the net proceeds to each concert to a different local charity each time.” 

The show consists of 12 pieces of music, to be performed by the choir of 36 singers. They hail from all different types of backgrounds and singing levels, coming together to collaborate and support each other: a key part of what music is all about. 

“I’d come home after a night of auditions saying to my wife; ‘well, I met another great group of people tonight,” said Spencer. 

Opportunity For Students

One of those individuals is Nazarii Mykhailenko, whose family moved to the United States from Ukraine in 2017. Mykhailenko is now a senior at Roosevelt University.

Nazarii Mykhailenko: “I think the privilege of music and music making right now in these times is really what helps me too,” said Mykhailenko. “Making music is what I like and unfortunately a lot of people can’t do that anymore, but that’s where I find peace during these times.”

Mykhailenko has future plans to be a professional conductor and is part of NaperVoice’s paid internship program that includes two college students and one high school student. 

The Impact of Music

“Music can bring so much to a person’s life whether they’re only a listener, they’re still actively involved or whether they’re a participant like these singers are, ” said Spencer. “I can’t imagine my life personally without music as a part of it.”

Tickets will be available on the NaperVoice website. 

Naperville News 17 Joe Kennedy reports.

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