New Naperville City Council Sworn In

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New City Council

The new Naperville City Council was sworn in today at the Naperville Municipal Center. The Special City Council Meeting Inauguration Ceremony saw incumbent Benny White and newly elected members Ian Holzhauer, Paul Leong, and Jennifer Bruzan Taylor taking their seats on the dais.

Councilman Benny White

“Four years ago, I was sworn in as the first person of color to serve as a member of the Naperville City Council,” said White. “Today, four years later, I’m happy to be joined by two other history-making councilmen, Ian Holzhauer and Paul Leong, who are the first council members of Asian descent as we continue to strive to meet our city’s mission statement of an inclusive community that values diversity.”

Councilman Ian Holzhauer

“As we emerge from this most challenging year that our city has faced in a generation, I’m confident that brighter days are ahead,” said Holzhauer. “And no matter what challenges this job throws at us, our council will come together for the common good because we’re Americans, we’re Napervillians, and when times get tough like generations before us, we always rise to the occasion.”

Councilman Paul Leong

“To the many people who voted for me and supported me, thank you so much. I would not have this opportunity if not for you,” said Leong. “For the many, many people who didn’t vote for me or support me I’m going to work hard to represent you and I hope you give me the opportunity to earn your support during my term.”

Councilwoman Jennifer Bruzan Taylor

“I’m glad that as we’ve lost one wonderful councilwoman, Councilwoman Brodhead, that I’m able to come on as another woman to be another role model for all of the young girls out there,” said Taylor. “This is what we can do, that we can overcome and we can one day become an elected leader here in Naperville or wherever else you’re at.”

Exiting Council Members

Exiting council member Judy Brodhead was first elected in 2009. She could not run for re-election because council members cannot serve more than three terms. Councilman Kevin Coyne chose to step down after being on council since 2015. John Krummen, who was first elected to council in 2015, ran this year but was not able to return to the dais.

“What a privilege it is to serve this city and its residents,” said Brodhead. “I have some wishes for the newly-formed city council. I wish the issues that we face in the coming years are not as overwhelming and intractable. I wish for collegiality among your colleagues, respect from the public, [and] support from the staff.”

“I also want to thank all of my fellow councilmen. You’ve all been a pleasure to work with. We haven’t always agreed at times but you’re all leaders, I respect the energy that you’ve brought to the dais,” said Coyne. “I leave here very excited about the future of our community and the councilmen that will be serving here on the dais.”

“To Kevin’s point and to Judy’s point, it is an absolute honor to sit in this chair, to gain the people’s trust,” said Krumen. “But like all things they come to an end. And like all things what do you take with you? You take the friendships and you take the experiences. And for all of that I will thank you.”

Mayor Steve Chirico and council members Paul Hinterlong, Patty Gustin, Patrick Kelley, and Theresa Sullivan also provided remarks to the exiting council members and newly appointed ones.

White, Holzhauer, Leong, and Taylor will all serve a four-year term.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.