Non-Cash Payments for Large Events

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The liquor code rule requiring ticket sales at large scale events has been changed, allowing for other forms of non-cash payment.

“I think the only problem or the questions that we had when it was a large-scale event with a lot of money changing hands that it goes through either a member of that organization by ticketing and then they can have the tickets and then purchase their beverages with the volunteers,” said Detective Dan Riggs of the Naperville Police Department.

Modernized options like RFID wristbands have created new possibilities for non-cash payments.

Ribfest tried out the RFID wristbands at last year’s event. Up to 20 percent of guests were using the wristbands at a time and Ribfest officials called their use a success.

The change applies to events of 2,000 people or more and any new non-cash system will have to be approved before application.

The wording of the rule was left deliberately vague so as to incorporate new payment technologies should they come along.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.