North Central College Opens New Exhibit Showcasing Their Mid Century Style

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“We’re at Schoenherr Gallery here on North Central College’s campus. We’re opening a new exhibit about mid-century modern architecture at the college and the surrounding area of Naperville,” said Dr. Lindsay Shannon, lead exhibit curator.

What’s Inside?

The exhibit consists of old artifacts such as desks, chairs, and tables that were found inside the classroom. Original blueprints of buildings and bricks that were previously used is also on display.

All through out the exhibit there are signs that go in depth talking about the rich history the campus holds.

“So, the exhibit really explores the development of mid-century modern architecture, urban planning, and also some of the social changes that were going on between 1940 and 1970, which shaped not only the college campus, but also the town of Naperville,” said Shannon.

Around the Campus

Buildings such as the Oesterle Library, the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, the Harold and Eva White Activities Center, and the Larrance Academic Center are among some of the buildings that are talked about in the exhibit.

With new buildings such as the Wentz Science Center and the Health Sciences and Engineering building being recently added to the campus, Dr. Shannon wants people to relish the past.

“Historic Preservation”

“So, what we’re hoping is that visitors will take away a greater sense of how judicious use of historic preservation is important to a community and a college campus,” said Shannon. “Also, creative ways of reusing and repurposing some of those buildings. And also, how some of these social issues have come full circle and are still relevant today.”

Along with the historic past of North Central College. Houses built by architect Don Tosi and the development of subdivisions like the Moser Highlands are also featured.

The exhibit will be on display through December 9.

Naperville News 17’s Anthony Yench reports.

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