Opening of Naperville’s Outdoor Ice Rinks Delayed

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Normally by this time of year, you can ice skate outdoors in Naperville, but the weather hasn’t exactly been cooperative.

Starting December 15, the Naperville Park District operates six outdoor ice skating locations.

But the hockey boards are built on the Riverwalk and there’s no ice in sight, thanks to the unseasonably warm weather.

“We need approximately five days of sub-freezing temperatures both overnight and during the day prior to us even attempting to form,” explained Kevin Finnegan, director of parks for the Naperville Park District.

After flooding the rinks, it takes three or four days to freeze completely.

But there’s hope yet for at least a month of outdoor ice.

“Well, the weather looks favorable towards the end of the first week of January,” said Finnegan.

The park district operates the ice rinks until February 15.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.