Operation Support Our Troops Goes Over the Edge

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Operation Support Our Troops America has a new event coming this September that could send you over the edge.

The group announced their new fundraiser at the Hotel Arista, an endeavor they hope will take the organization to new heights. Anyone who signs up and raises over $1,000 can rappel off the top of Hotel Arista, all 13 stories of it.

“We wanted to do something a little bit different, so what could we do different that would still really get the word out just to support our military and their families and our veterans, but have fun doing it and still make it an all day event,” said Bill Rickert, executive director for Operation Support Our Troops America. “We were approached by a company called Over The Edge who does this worldwide, repelling events for non-profits and with great success. And of course the Hotel Arista is an awesome hotel.”

The event will take place on September 14. Those not rappelling can watch from the ground in specially designated activity area known as the “chicken coop.” There’s a good chance that’s where you’ll find our mayor.

“Bill and Deb have continued to come up with ideas that are different and unique,” said Mayor Steve Chirico. “And so this is certainly unique. They asked me if I would be willing to rappel over the edge of Hotel Arista and I said, ‘eh, I don’t know.’”

If you’d like to help raise funds for Operation Support Our Troops America and go over the edge, you can sign up at their website and there’s a discounted rate if you do it before May 31.

Naperville News 17’s Ryan Skryd reports.