Opportunities for Students at KidsMatter’s Job Fair

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With 66 businesses offering over 1,800 positions at KidsMatter’s annual job fair, there were plenty of opportunities for students to land that first job.

“Someone could spend an hour here and get information from 50 different businesses,” said Andy Wang, President of KidsMatter’s Junior Board.

And with so many businesses and students present, the edge was taken off of what can be an intimidating process.

“It feels a lot better because there are other people and you’re not just walking into a place alone and asking ‘hey can I have a job?’” said Carter Devine, a junior from Neuqua Valley High School.

But the fair was about more than just matching students up with jobs. There were also opportunities for professional growth, including resume workshops, internship openings, and even mock interviews to get some practice under their belts.

“What we’re hoping for is for the individual to come in and have an experience where they feel confident and bold to meet with employers,” said Bridget Hatch, Events and Marketing Manager with KidsMatter. “Not just onsite, but as they go forward in their employment decisions.”

And the skills the students gain are a win for businesses too.

“It really helps them grow as a little bit more than an average job fair,” said Leslie Clark, Human Resources Director with Chicagoland Pool Management. “We tend to get very qualified candidates who are eager to work and want to be here.”

Students were also given resource books that included tips and tricks to succeed in getting hired.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.