Pet Photos with the Easter Bunny at Naperville’s Two Bostons

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Easter may be only a few weeks away, but that doesn’t stop pet lovers and their pets from hopping over to the Two Bostons in the Springbrook Prairie Pavilion. Visitors were treated to an early celebration and were able to get their photo taken with the friendly Easter Bunny.

“I like to see all the variety of people come in and all the different types of pets and their personalities, and everybody’s just having a really fun, really great time and being able to celebrate this holiday with their animals,” said Two Boston’s Assistant Manager Alyana Rotolo.

All pets welcomed

Pets of all kinds were welcomed into the shop to get their little Hollywood moments with the Easter Bunny. The friendly staff is happy to accommodate everyone.

“Depending on what each individual wants to do with their pet, sometimes it’s the owners, sometimes they bring their children in, take a family picture, and sometimes it’s just a pet,” said Rotolo.

Another day, another photo shoot

If you missed out today, there will be another photo shoot tomorrow, March 26th, from 12pm-3pm at the Two Bostons Location in Downtown Naperville

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