Pies Fly for Charity

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A local organization is raising money with pies, but they aren’t for sale.

ATI Physical Therapy has raised nearly $3,000 through donations to pie physical therapists in the face.

It’s part of a larger campaign the company’s non-profit, ATI Foundation, is doing nationwide to raise $1 million in its first quarter.

The foundation uses funds to benefit kids with physical impairments whose families can’t afford care for them.

“It helps kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get supplies that they need. We help get wheelchairs and minivans fitted for wheelchairs and home adjustments, so families can take care of their kids with less stress,” said Seanna O’Malley, clinic director for ATI Naperville East.

The foundation currently has 120 kids on its waiting list and hopes this fundraiser can help all of them.

If you missed the pies, there’s still a way to get involved.

As part of the fundraiser the CEO and senior vice president of the company will both be raising money as they attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro this spring.

Naperville News 17’s Beth Bria.