Planning and Zoning Discuss Avenida

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At the first Planning and Zoning Commission meeting of 2017, around 50 residents came out to hear about Avenida, a new senior living facility proposed for the southwest corner of Mill Street and Commons Road.

Over a dozen neighbors of the area signed up to speak during the public hearing, some voicing support and many expressing concerns about the proposed building’s height, available parking and potential traffic complications.

Due to the large number of questions raised by the public, the plan commission kept the hearing open, urging the developer and area residents to meet in the interim.

“The plan commission is extremely insistent upon there being a good relationship between the neighbors and the developer. In this particular case it sounds like there’s virtually no relationship. It doesn’t seem to be sinister, it just seems to have developed that way,” said Planning and Zoning Commissioner Robert Williams.

The subject will be discussed again at their February 15 meeting.

And the commission approved plans for another building in the Water Street development. Located at 315 S. Main Street, the new structure will house retail and office spaces. 

This development now goes to City Council for approval.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.