Project HELP Giving Chances

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Project HELP celebrated its third annual “Community Begins at Home” Breakfast, and invited an impressive speaker to share his story.

The charity’s goal is to improve the lives of children and families through mentoring and education.

That makes Steve Pemberton an ideal keynote speaker.

Pemberton told his inspiring story of growing up in foster care, defying the odds, and becoming a successful executive and leader.

All 350 Project HELP supporters in attendance received a copy of Pemberton’s book ‘A Chance in the World.’

“We all have that ability. We all have this power to take that very prediction, ‘not a chance in the world’, which you too have heard. Some of you, that was applied to you or you’ve heard it said of others,” said Pemberton. “I think we just simply change that phrase just a little bit and what if all we give is a chance?”

Pemberton even stuck around for after to meet guests and sign books.

Project HELP recently joined forces with the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago to create an even greater impact in the area.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.