Region 7 on Track to Move to Tier 1

region 7 on track
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The Illinois Department of Public Health says Region 7 is on track to reach Tier 1 mitigations, if metrics continue to improve.

The region, which includes Will and Kankakee counties, has had three consecutive days of a test positivity seven-day rolling average of 8% or less – one of the requirements to move to Tier 1. The most recent data shows region 7 with a positivity rate of 7.4%

It has also met the requirement of hospital bed availability being over 20% for three consecutive days.

The one hold up is a decline in COVID-19 patients in the hospital. As of today, Region 7 has shown three days of COVID-19 patient decreases, looking at a seven-day rolling average. However, there has not been an increase in COVID-19 hospital patients since January 11th.

Tier 1 Mitigations

The biggest change Region 7 will see upon the move to Tier 1 is the return of indoor dining. Bars and restaurants will be able to serve 25 guests or up to 25% capacity.

Social gatherings such as weddings, funerals, and potlucks will also be able to be held at 25% capacity in Tier 1.

Tier 1 also allows any sport in the low risk or medium risk category to begin playing competitive games, while high risk sports such as basketball and football, may begin practicing in full.

The current list of risk levels from the IDPH for each sport are as follows:

  • Lower risk: archery, badminton, baseball, bass fishing, bowling, climbing, competitive cheer, competitive dance, crew, cross country, cycling, disc golf, fencing, gymnastics, horseback riding, ice skating, ropes courses, sailing/canoeing/kayaking, scholastic golf, sideline spirit, skateboarding, softball, skiing, swimming/diving, tennis, track and field, weight lifting.
  • Medium risk: flag football/7-on-7 football, futsal, paintball, racquetball, soccer, volleyball, water polo, wheelchair basketball
  • Higher risk: basketball, boxing, football, hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, rugby, ultimate frisbee, wrestling.

Where Region 8 Stands

Region 8 which includes DuPage and Kane counties, is also getting closer to reaching Tier 1. The region currently resides in Tier 2 with a positivity rate of 8.2% according to the most recent data.

The region has over 20% hospital bed and ICU availability and has held that number for over 11 days.

The number of patients entering the hospital in the region has decreased in six of the past ten days.

Based on those numbers, the earliest region 8 would move into Tier 1 is Saturday, January 23.

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