Renovations At Centennial Park Skate Facility

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“Today we unveiled three conceptual designs for the future Centennial Park skate facility. We had a lot of skateboarders, inline skaters, parents, interested community members come out and take a look at the new concepts and got some really good feedback,” said Adam Eichorn the development associate for Spohn Ranch Skateparks.

The skate park, located just west of Centennial Beach, was constructed in 2004. Due to heavy use, the site is now ready for an upgrade to take care of some of the park’s wear and tear.

“So essentially, we presented three concepts. They’re all relatively similar, similar footprint, but they all have different features,” said Eichorn.

The Three Concepts

“Concept one is a really interesting patterning and color scheme with some really neat internal skateable features and an enclosed bowl,” said Eichorn.

“Option two had more of a sunken basin. A lot more skateable features like an open bowl concept with a spine and a couple other features,” said Eichorn.

“Option three had kind of a mix of both of them, closed bowl with more of a street centric kind of feel,” said Eichorn.

The Process

Before the new skate facility can be installed there is still multiple steps that need to be taken.

“So right now, we’re just in the conceptual design phase, right. And that’s where we work with the community to make sure that we’re getting all the good input that we’re creating in the park and style that the community is looking for,” said Eichorn. “That’s kind of where our scope of the work ends for now until it goes into the build phase. And I don’t know exactly, but the build phase will most likely be, next year.”

Community members can view the three concepts and leave feedback online at the Park District’s website.

Naperville News 17’s Anthony Yench reports.

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