Rooted Acoustic Barn Raising 5.5K and 1 Mile Dash

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Raising Money for Greene Barn

Over 100 people stepped off this morning at the Rooted Acoustic Barn Raising 5.5K and One Mile Dash. The race at the Greene Barn in the Greene Valley Forest Preserve started three years ago to raise awareness about the local structure. The goal is to get the barn open for public use.

“The idea is [for] it not to just be a feature on the landscape,” said Mary Lou Wehrli, co-organizer of the Rooted Acoustic Barn Raising 5.5K and One Mile Dash. “To have that connect people with nature in a safe environment that is fun and inspiring and especially artistic.”

Rooted Acoustic Race

After going virtual last year, the event made a comeback – and that included a chance for kids to also show off their running skills. Participants were able to enjoy music, art, and yoga for their hard work.

About Greene Farmstead

In 1850, the central portion of Oak Cottage was built by William Briggs Greene. It grew wing by wing through the years sheltering six generations. The 14,000-square-foot barn began rising in the 1870s. The Greene Barn built from locally quarried limestone and hand-hewn timbers sheltered animals, hay, grain and tools. Oak Cottage, the barn and 10-acre homestead were donated to the District by William Bertram Greene, grandson of William Briggs Greene.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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