Rothermel Family Pickleball Courts ribbon-cutting at Frontier Sports Complex

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On Tuesday, the Naperville Park District held a ribbon-cutting event to officially open six new pickleball courts at Frontier Sports Complex, located at 3415 Book Road.

Pickleball courts in Naperville

Frontier Sports Complex is now the fourth park in the Naperville area that has pickleball courts.

“As a district, we actually have 12 pickleball courts, dedicated courts. We have four at Nike Sports Complex, four at Knoch Park and four Wolf’s Crossing Community Park. And with the overwhelming interest and need in the community for pickleball, we decided to build six more pickleball courts here at Frontier Sports Complex. So now we have a total of 18 dedicated pickleball courts here in our Naperville community,” said Eric Shutes, director of planning at the Park District.

The new courts can be found on the east side of Frontier Sports Complex, next to the parking lot.

The Rothermel Family

The courts are named after the Rothermel family who helped fund the project with a $100,000 grant.

“Mr. Rothermel reached out to us through the Rothermel Family Fund of DuPage Foundation and expressed an interest in supporting this wonderful project here at Frontier Sports Complex. So we were very grateful for his generous grants with the DuPage Foundation and having the ability to fast track and build these courts for the community to enjoy,” said Shutes.

Pickleball growing throughout the country

With interest in the sport growing throughout the country, adding more courts allows more people to try out and play the sport.

“This was my goal. This was my goal to have more courts, have more people. And as an ambassador, my goal is to promote the sport. And I think we’re doing an excellent job. And with the family having this out here now, this is even better,” said Trina Reyes, USA pickleball ambassador. “The sport is really growing very very well and I love it,” she added.

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