Severe thunderstorm warning issued for Naperville and the surrounding area

Severe thunderstorm watch issued for Naperville and the surrounding area
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The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for Naperville, in effect until 2:45 p.m. this afternoon.

Severe thunderstorm warning in Naperville

The NWS warns conditions are right for the possibility of scattered golf-ball-sized hail, and wind gusts possibly reaching up to 70 MPH. Hail could cause damage to cars, roofs, windows, and siding, and potentially cause tree damage.

The NWS says scattered thunderstorms are possible late this morning and afternoon, primarily north of I-88. .

Thunderstorms may continue later this afternoon and through the evening, with the possibility of more severe weather Wednesday morning as well.

Taking precautions, monitoring weather

The NWS reminds everyone that the storms will be moving fast, at speeds of up to 70 MPH. Be prepared to take action quickly, if a tornado warning is issued near you.

Officials advise the public to have multiple alerts set up to receive weather warnings and monitor the forecast. Remember, outdoor sirens are meant for those who are outside. A weather radio, or weather alert app on a mobile device, can keep those inside better informed.

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