Smoking Banned in Naperville Parks

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The Naperville Park District board stamped out smoking after a 6-1 vote in favor of banning tobacco products from Naperville parks.

Commissioner Bill Eagan was the lone vote against the ordinance, phoning in that he felt the ban needed to specifically address smoking on golf courses as well.

“While I can appreciate the golf course being a little bit of an exception, but where is the line?” questioned Eagan. “I should be able to enjoy the putting green smoke free, as well as my son. I don’t mind the ordinance, I think it just has holes and we need to put some more work into it.”

Other commissioners felt a stronger need to pass the ordinance now, including Board President Mike Reilly.

“I think for me the tipping point really comes down to how this fits in with our mission,” said Reilly. “And I think with that as an overriding guide, I will be supporting passage of this.”

Also discussed at the meeting were the funding options for the proposed Southwest Community Park. The board approved a public hearing at their next meeting on August 23 prior to a bond request.

According to the board memo, “The hearing will disclose the district’s intention to sell general obligation limited park bonds in an amount not to exceed $15 million.”

The board plans to issue $11 million in bonds for development of the park, with the excess bond money allotted for any additional expenses that could arise.

The impact on a homeowner of an average home valued at $375,000 would be an additional 62 to 90 cents per year for the life of the bond.

The park district hopes to begin construction on Southwest Community Park in the summer of 2019.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.