Solar Panels Coming to Water Reclamation Facility

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Council also unanimously approved a new solar energy grid in South Naperville.

Springbrook Water Reclamation Facility

The Springbrook Water Reclamation Facility near the intersection of Plainfield-Naperville Road and 104th Street will soon house a new solar energy system.

“It’s the first step toward the City of Naperville making a large impact on our green energy goals that we have,” said Naperville’s Deputy Director of Naperville Electric Utility Brian Groth.

More Power

Thirty-five hundred solar panels will be installed in a former cornfield at the facility, which will produce about 1.6 million kilowatt hours of energy – enough to power about 145 homes annually.

That energy will be used to power the water reclamation facility.

“We’re integrating this to our Springbrook substation, which does directly feed the water reclamation facility,” said Groth. “As you know it’s kind of hard to guide electrons per se, but yes, we expect that since this is a one megawatt facility, and the Springbrook load is more than one megawatt, it’ll all be consumed by the Springbrook facility.”

Other Solar Grids in Town

This solar grid will become Naperville’s largest photovoltaic system, joining Naperville’s other solar grids – a 161-panel system located on top of the municipal center, and the system on top of the public works building.

There is no direct cost to the city for the new grid, thanks to a deal with the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency.

Groth said construction on the solar panels is expected to begin soon and the system should be operational by the end of the year.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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