Southwest Community Park Initial Design

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The Park District wants your input on the design of the proposed Southwest Community Park.

After a preliminary meeting last month where residents gave feedback on what they’d like to see included in the park, the Park District came back with a proposed design.

“When we’re all done, we want the park plan to be a reflection of what the community wants and needs,” said Principal Landscape Architect Michelle Kelly.

Featured amenities include new sports fields, a splash pad, and a sled hill that doubles as an amphitheater in the warmer months.

The presentation invited the audience to weigh in interactively using their phones.

Data from previous polls, and the live data from the audience showed a high interest in an indoor pool on the site.

“Right now what we’ve found is from that first public meeting on March 1st that there was a lot of interest in specific amenities and one was indoor aquatics,” said Park District Director of Planning Eric Shutes. “So that’s why we’re asking again and we’re going to keep asking it to refine specifically what the community is looking for. Whether it’s aquatics or other amenities inside the building as well as outdoors within the park.”

For anyone who couldn’t attend the meeting, you can weigh in an online survey available on the Park District website.