St. Baldrick’s Brew for a Cure at Noon Whistle

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“We’re here for a St. Baldrick’s event. Brew for a Cure at Noon Whistle Brewing in their Naperville location. We’ve got raffles and head-shaving. Proceeds from the events are going to support St. Baldrick’s. Lots of fun things going on. It’s going to be a fantastic time,” said Jennifer Nolan, event organizer.

Noon Whistle Brewing’s involvement

St. Baldrick’s is a volunteer and donation-powered charity that helps support childhood cancer research. For the event, Noon Whistle Brewing made a custom St. Baldrick’s beer and they also donated some of the proceeds to help the cause. For Shawn Nolan, hosting this event at Noon Whistle was exactly what he wanted.

“This is our third event that we’ve actually organized, and this is my 15th year doing it. And our family’s 15th year with St. Baldrick’s and Noon Whistle has been my favorite brewery forever. And I had been talking about it for like a year. Like, wouldn’t it be incredible if Noon Whistle would host an event for us and we could do it at their facility,” said Shawn Nolan, event organizer.

A personal connection

The Nolan’s have a personal connection with the cause making the event a perfect way to remember those who lost their fight to cancer.

“We lost our young son to cancer 20 years ago. And we have been really committed to trying to help raise funds for research for pediatric cancer so that no other families will have to suffer through what we suffered through. It’s great to have this be such a fun-loving event, to be upbeat and to really honor those who are battling, and to remember those who have lost their lives to cancer,” said Jennifer.

Donation goals

A donation goal of $25,000 was set and as of right now that is over $36,000 with donations still being accepted.

“All this money is going to research to support pediatric cancer research and the amazing things that these doctors are doing to help kids with cancer,” said Shawn.

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