State Legislators Connelly and Wehrli Host Town Hall

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State Senator Michael Connelly and State Representative Grant Wehrli recently held a town hall.

The town hall started with a rundown on the fiscal year 2019 budget, which was passed in June.

The bill features a $350 million increase in K-12 spending, and a pension buyout option that allows people to take a lump sum payment to exit the program early.

“It saves us as a state in the long-term liability. We’re trying to attack the long-term liability because actuarially we have a 35-year window that we have to make those payments and the supreme court said we have to make that payment,” said Connelly, who represents the 21st district.

Of course the town hall also featured question-and-answer, where the legislators fielded questions about everything from property taxes to the cost of college.

Some in the audience opposed the republican representatives, asking questions about abortion and gun control.

“I’m a second amendment supporter but as a gun owner gun ownership isn’t just a right it’s a responsibility. So where am I on common sense gun reform? I think I’m in line with common sense. I filed a bi-partisan bump stock ban,” said Wehrli, who represents the 41st district.

Senator Connelly will be hosting another town hall in Naperville on August 4.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.