State Rep. Yang Rohr co-sponsors Illinois school safety law

Illinois State Rep. Janet Yang Rohr
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An Illinois state representative from Naperville helped pass a bill that allows first responders to enter schools faster during emergencies.

Bipartisan school safety bill goes into effect

State Rep. Janet Yang Rohr was one of 16 Democrats in Illinois to co-sponsor HB3559. It requires a school’s crisis procedures to include a plan for first responders to “rapidly” get inside a school building during an emergency. 

The law went into effect on Jan. 1, 2024.

HB3559 had strong bipartisan support in Springfield, as members of the Illinois Senate and House from both sides of the aisle voted for the law last spring.

“School safety is incredibly important,” said Yang Rohr. “It really shows that legislation comes from so many areas. It comes from our constituents, it comes with stakeholders, it comes from just regular people recognizing that there is an issue, they see a problem, and they want to address it.”

HB3559 impacts Naperville SROs

The newly approved bill impacts the Naperville Police Department’s School Resource Unit, which includes police officers stationed in elementary, junior high, and high schools around the city.

Yang Rohr is happy to know they’ll have quicker support during any emergency.

“I think (school resource officers) in our community are very much valued,” said Yang Rohr. “We know that they are there as role models for students as well… (The community) knows that school safety is really important, so this is one of those bills that I think gets a lot of support from everyone.”

The Naperville Police Department has worked with both Naperville School District 203 and Indian Prairie School District 204 and has a system in place for any emergency on a school campus, according to Naperville Police Commander Ricky Krakow.

Photo courtesy: Illinois House Democratic Caucus

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