STEM Discovery Night

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Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Every type of stem learning took over Meadow Glens Elementary for none other than Pi Day.

“We’re in our fifth year of the Meadow Glens STEM Discovery Night. Tonight we’re expecting 200-250 families. We have about 40 different companies that have put together hands-on exhibits for the event,” explained Katie Junttila, a parent volunteer.

The companies and groups varied from Nokia and the Morton Arboretum, to the Naperville Police Department and Fermilab.

“I really like the entire idea of this STEM Night just so that they can get their foot into what STEM is, how they’re interested in it or not interested in it, and what aspects they like the most,” said Ranen Bishawi, a student at Benedictine University representing Fermilab at the event.

And former Fermilab scientist turned congressman Bill Foster even stopped by to join the fun.

“I think it’s so important to get kids interested to become the next generation of scientists,” said Congressman Foster. “But what was really neat here is just not only the kids having fun but all the different businesses coming in and showing kids what STEM careers look like. Showing things that are made right here in this area that rely on STEM skills. So it just fits together so wonderfully.”

And after exploring the exhibits, many knew what piqued their interest in the field.

“I really liked the one where you had to design a cone and cut it in different ways so it could float in the air,” said 10-year-old Anna.

“My personal favorite was where you get to drive around the robots, or the bugs, I like bugs,” added 10-year-old Abby.

A night of learning to light up a world of possibilities.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.