Sunday Night Concerts In Your Park Return To Naperville

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For more than ten years the Naperville Park District has put on a music showcase to bring friends and family together every summer.

“Tonight is our first night of Concerts in the Park series. So this is our kickoff event for the summer. We have six concerts throughout Naperville and they’re spread out throughout the whole town,” said Naperville Park District Program Manager Brittany Malatt. “So it’s a fun family friendly event so you can come out, bring your lawn chairs, blankets, bring food. Lot of people get together with their neighbors, their family, and they just enjoy an hour and a half of live music entertainment.”

Sunday’s Performance

Sunday night’s featured band was The Student Body.

“The name is kinda all in the schtick. We each represent stereotypes from high school, so I play the prom king, Stephanie here plays the cheerleader, our lead guitar player Tim plays the hippie and then our bass player plays the nerd and our drummer is the jock,” said the band’s guitar player and vocalist, David Paige.

Six Summer Concerts

If you missed out on this concert, there are more to follow this summer.

“We have five more after this one so this is our first one of the summer and we go through June and July,” said Malatt.

A full list of locations and the musical lineup can be found on the Naperville Park District website.

Naperville News 17 Patrick Codo reports.