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Staff Spotlight

It takes more than the doctors and nurses to care for the hospital’s more than 300+ patients at any given time.   In this segment, brought to you in partnership with Edward-Elmhurst Health, we introduce you to different staff members at Edward Hospital and spotlight their various departments.

Supporting Surgeries

Ketan Patel describes his job of Surgical Support Technician as challenging yet rewarding.  The role he plays is critical, as he and others like him prepare and organize the operating room, clean and sterilize equipment, and maintain a sterile environment.

“They are our go-to for just about anything and everything,” said Krista Camargo, Clinical Leader for Edward Hospital’s Surgery Department.   “They run to get us a blood.  They’re running to the lab.  They’re getting our patients.”

“We make sure all the equipment is in the room before we start the surgery, make sure the bed is complete and get everything ready for the nurses,” he said.

On average, the technicians prepare between 50 to 60 cases a day throughout the year, though in the winter months, they often see that number rise, sometimes exceeding 80 patients in one day.

“We’re constantly running in and out,” said Patel.

But he said it’s all worth it to ensure a safe and effective experience for the patients.

“I want to make sure that the patients are happy with the surgery, that after they go home, they always have a smile on their face with the thumbs up,” Patel said.

To do the job of a Surgical Support Technician, it takes someone with a tremendous ability to work well under stressful and emergency situations and who has good physical stamina and exhibits good communication skills, empathy, and team work.

“The Operating Room is a big family and we can’t do our job without each other,” said Camargo.

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