The Branch Moms unveil new local and national websites

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The Branch Moms is branching out. The website will be expanding nationally with new branding, an announcement made Thursday at a launch party at Aurelio’s Pizza.

More than 80 moms were there for the announcement. The Branch Moms support women throughout their motherhood journey with community groups, events, and guides.

“Today has been the culmination of years and years of the branch growing and flourishing,” said Founder of The Branch Moms Dr. Cathy Subber. “We realize that most moms in Naperville know what The Branch is, that moms all over the US, all over the world really need support.”

Development of The Branch Moms

Back in 2011, Dr. Cathy Subber took over what was then called the Naperville Moms Network. They rebranded as The Branch Moms in 2019, but Subber wanted to extend the branch further.

“I remember having this vision of ‘I think there should be a branch everywhere,”’ said Subber. “That’s really hard to do as one person. I have a team of people around me, but I was the one kind of driving the bus on the vision of it and the creation of what we could do.”

Luckily for Subber, Naomi Bocaniciu joined The Branch Moms as Chief Operating Officer three months ago. She recently moved to Naperville after spending two years in Dublin with her husband.

When Bocaniciu crossed paths with Subber, she knew she could use her graphic design skills to help take The Branch Moms to the next level.

“I just told her I saw so much potential here for other moms to be helped and just the amazing resources available,” said Bocaniciu.

Local and national websites

Bocaniciu played a crucial role in the development of both the new websites.

“We still wanted to have that local feel that The Branch has, but we also want to provide it to more places,” said Bocaniciu. “The way we decided to navigate that was by creating a website that specifically deals with the local aspect, and then a website that has a national aspect. (The) national website will have online courses, podcasts, different things that are more available that are not necessarily local, whereas the local website has a business directory that’s local, daily events that are local.”

Future of the organization

With 80,000 Branch Moms connected throughout the western suburbs, and 300 more down in Florida, Subber hopes The Branch Moms is just getting started.

“I’m just so thankful,” said Subber. “It’s hard to put into words without crying, to be honest. It’s been all day long of my life for so many years, and to see what we’re able to do right now, and to see the expansion, it means the world to me.”

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