The Year of Dragon comes to Fox Valley Mall

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The Year of the Dragon roared into the Fox Valley Mall to celebrate the Lunar New Year hosted by Xilin Association. 

“It is just like Christmas, it is the year that family get together and cook, play games, and spend time together,” said Sophia Luo, Director of Community Engagement at the Xilin Association

The  Year of the Dragon

In the Chinese Horoscope, the Year of the Dragon in 2024 represents a joyous Lunar New Year, filled with authority, prosperity, and good fortune.

“So probably most people know that in Asian culture there are 12 animal zodiacs that represent the cycle of our New Year’s, so dragon which I personally love and feel very connected with, is a very powerful symbol for me and it’s revered,” said Luo.  

People gathered to experience Kung-Fu, Chinese yo-yo, and choir performances.

“So we make sure that we integrate that tradition, the classic beauty into all of our performances, so you’ll see Kung-Fu performances and then classical dancing and singing,” said Luo.  

Xilin Association presents the Lunar New Year celebration

Since its inception in 1989, Xilin Association has expanded outwards in the Chicagoland area and Fox Valley Mall has become home for the Lunar New Year Celebrations.

“What I felt more than happy and proud to see, I noticed that everybody seems to be celebrating Year of the Dragon, even as an immigrant, I felt like wow this year it feels a little different,” said Luo.  

Wishing you good luck and prosperity in this Year of the Dragon.

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