Wayward Peacock Returned to Owner

Wayward Peacock Returned Owner
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A wayward peacock is back where it belongs.

The errant bird, which had been held by Naperville Animal Control since September 17, is now reunited with its owner.

The Naperville Sun reports that Naperville resident Francisco Garcia thought his peacock had fallen victim to prey on that day, when he got home from work and found the bird wasn’t there. He had let it out earlier, along with the other birds he raises.

Thankfully a Good Samaritan had found the peacock near Ogden Avenue and Columbia Street, safely transferring it to animal control.

A tip from a new police officer recruit led animal control officers to check with Garcia to see if the bird they were holding was his. He was able to pick the bird up Tuesday night.

Peacocks are one of many birds Garcia owns: he also raises turkeys and chickens.

Photo courtesy of Naperville Animal Control