WVHS Student Goes On Ellen After Viral Video

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A Waubonsie Valley High School student landed herself on Ellen after a viral video shows her in an act of kindness.

The Viral Video

Sophomore Brynn Drews’ mother submitted a video to Ellen’s Starbucks Rewards Surprise challenge showing the teen buying another customer’s drink after getting her wisdom teeth removed. The hilarious video shows Drews still under the effect of anesthesia saying she’s “I’m paying ii backwards.”

Bucket List

Drews told Ellen that she peaked by being on her show and that it was a bucket list item crossed out for her. Ellen then refunded the teen and surprised her by inviting Drews back for Ellen’s special birthday show.

The surprise didn’t stop there as Drews was also given 10,000 stars for her Starbucks Rewards, which are reward points, and a $10,000 check for her act of kindness.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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